Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation

An innovative system to capture and analyse feedback from cancer patients is being implemented in Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire.

Vanguard Innovation is committed to improving patient experience as well as ensuring patients and their families play an equal role with clinicians in shaping our projects.

The patient feedback system delivers real-time feedback from cancer patients across the care pathway.

Patients can leave comments and observations, which are publicly available, about all aspects of their care and their comprehensive feedback data will help clinicians ensure that quality standards are being met.

Vanguard Innovation, along with our Cancer Vanguard partners RM Partners in London, has commissioned the work from iWantGreatCare (iWGC), the single largest source of patient feedback in the world and a company that operates in 23 countries.

The system will capture patient experience and data about outcomes that can be used to improve services. Patients can leave feedback either online or offline and their reviews will be published anonymously to trusts and on the iWGC website so that patient experience will be transparent to patients, carers and health service staff.

The system is being implemented at East Cheshire NHS Trust, East Cheshire Hospice and St Ann’s Hospice, Greater Manchester’s largest hospice with three sites across the city region.

Adrian Hackney, Director of Commissioning at Greater Manchester Cancer, the cancer programme of Greater Manchester’s Health and Social Care Partnership, said: ‘We put the patient at the centre of what we do, listening to them at every step of the way. Gathering this data may allow us to see the service through the patients’ eyes, gathering a wealth of insights on an entirely new scale.

‘Ultimately, these insights can help us develop more effective ways of working which can be rolled out across the National Health Service.’