Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation

A new website is up and running to help people access health and wellbeing advice after they have received treatment for cancer.


The digital platform – – features a directory of information and practical advice, as well as links to support groups and other resources. The site supports ‘secondary prevention’, measures aimed at reducing the risk of cancer recurring or worsening.

It also gives details about how to become a cancer champion, an individual who uses their commitment and enthusiasm to help spread important messages about cancer prevention and early detection. The iCan website, co-designed by by creative communications agency Magpie, cancer survivors and healthcare professionals, uses bold colour schemes and eye-catching symbols to help visitors orientate themselves.

It features sections on developing a stronger mind and a stronger body as well as tips on how to feel ‘more like you’ after receiving cancer treatment. There is also a section on screening and detection programmes in Greater Manchester.

The ‘Back to Me’ section of the website includes a directory of support groups and cancer charities, online courses and case studies, some featuring videos, of people discussing their experiences of cancer.

The website is hosted by Voluntary Sector North West, which has have played a prominent role in developing Vanguard Innovation’s cancer prevention work.

Ben Gilchrist, Vanguard Innovation Voluntary Sector North West project lead, said: ‘We aim to change the way we support people who have had a cancer diagnosis. More and more people are living long-term after cancer and lifestyle factors play a crucial role in whether or not the disease progresses.

‘The website is one of a number of programmes we have developed to make sure all cancer patients in Greater Manchester have access to support in changing their lifestyles.’

You can read more about our cancer prevention work here.