Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation

Living with and beyond cancer and supportive care

Developing new aftercare pathways

We are developing a new aftercare pathway for all early breast, colorectal and prostate cancer patients in Greater Manchester. The pathway is the route patients take once their treatment is concluded, and we want to move from traditional hospital-based follow-up to more personalised and supported self-management for appropriate patients. We will prepare patients for this change by giving them a full recovery package which will include health promotion information. Patients will receive the information they need to feel confident about getting care when they need it, and we will test new systems to monitor their aftercare.

Enhanced patient decision-making for progressing disease

We want to improve the way information about the benefits and risks of further treatment is presented to those patients whose cancer is far advanced . We will develop new ways to support these patients in making truly informed decisions about their further treatment based on a shared understanding between professionals, patients and their families of the patient’s goals for their own care.

Ensuring access to seven-day palliative care advice and assessment

This project will ensure that everyone in Greater Manchester has seven-day access to high-quality, face-to-face palliative care advice. We want to reduce the inequalities in the way patients access advice and ensure they are satisfied with their care.