Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation


This collection of films gives you an insight into some of the work we are involved in across Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire.

This film describes what we have achieved in the first year of our two-year programme. It was made with the invaluable help of Can-Survive UK, a Manchester-based charity that provides culturally sensitive support and information for people with cancer, their families and carers. Visit their website here:



Dr Liam Hosie, a GP at the Dicconson Group Practice, talks about the Gateway-C platform.



Jane Pilkington, Vanguard Innovation Lead for Prevention and Deputy Director for Population Health, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, describes our prevention work.

Ben Gilchrist is Vanguard Innovation’s Social Movement Project Lead, Voluntary Sector North West. Here he explains what a social movement is and how we plan to recruit 20,000 cancer champions.

Donna Miller, from health and social care charity BHA, discusses the work of cancer champions with current cancer champion Gilbert Morgan.


Below is a film of an event we held for stakeholders to shape our work in developing new aftercare services. You can read a review of that event here.

Four patients from Greater Manchester describe what they think should be our programme’s priorities.